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Ky Hydro Winter Plans Available:

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One 10-lb box
Tomatoes Available varieties:
  • Beefsteak (summertime, homegrown flavor)
  • Ky Mini Sweets (the best in mini-tomatoes)
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ky Hydro Farm
One case of 24 heads
Available varieties:
  • Ky Living Mini Mix (our custom blend - 48 heads per case)
  • Living Ky Bibb (old favorite)
  • Living Leaf, green or red
  • Living Romaine, green or red
  • Living Red Oakleaf
  • Living Basil
  • Living Arugula
  • Living Cilantro
  • Other herbs coming soon!
  • Safe, no soil borne contaminants. Living with roots attached for lasting qualities!
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Living Ky Mini Mix Lettuce - Three+ types of lettuce grown in one root cube!

  • Good for you - has lots of vitamins and minerals to help you be healthy
  • Helps fight obesity - low in calories and high in nutrition
  • Safe - no chemicals used in growing
  • Fresh - delivered within 1 day of harvest
  • Grown in Kentucky - like you!