Ky Hydro Farm Overview

GreenhouseThe Salad Specialists!

KY HYDRO FARM, LLC. likes to boast it's heritage as sixth, seventh and eighth generation family farm with our roots in agriculture. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products.

KY HYDRO FARM offers locally grown, high quality produce. We grow products year round in greenhouses which offer many environmental benefits over traditional agriculture. Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants in nutrient rich water solutions, rather than in soil. We grow in the controlled environment of greenhouses, offering a product that is produced consistently in a safe manner.

KY HYDRO FARM produces lettuce tomatoes, other vegetables and strawberries! Our tomatoes are picked vine ripened offering that home grown taste year round. Our lettuce is harvested as living lettuce with the root-ball intact to maximize freshness and shelf-life. We grow only leafy varieties that far exceed traditional iceberg in quality, safety and vitamin content.

At KY HYDRO FARM, we heat our green houses with biomass boilers utilizing sawdust and wood chips as our fuel sources. Our heating system allows us to use renewable energy. The green energy has turned out to be a major advantage economically, and a win-win for the environment.

Growing food locally helps raise awareness and appreciation for food production. Many people have no ties or relationship to agriculture so we provide the benefit of educating the consumer on the benefits of food production for everyone.

The FFA Creed begins with "I believe in the future of farming." Farming faces many challenges. By 2050, the world population is expected to increase from seven billion to 10 billion. By growing more efficiently utilizing hydroponic methods, we can play an important role in how we can become self sustainable for generations to come. Our hydroponic facility hopes to continue to open doors and numerous production possibilities of crops in the future.